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Azok számára, akik az eredeti időpontban nem tudták megnézni, összegyűjtöttük a legjobb webinarjainkat implantológia, aneszteziológia, praxismanagement, gyermekfogászat és lézergyógyászat témakörökben.

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Dr Egon EUWE

  • 1982: degree at the Univertsity of Utrecht (Holland) 
  • Since 1986 his main interests in the dental field have been periodontics and oral implantology.
  • He followed post-graduate courses at the UCLA. 
  • Active member of European Association for Osseointegration (EAO)

Zero Bone Loss working with AXIOM: Estetics hand in hand with longevity

Zero Bone Loss working with AXIOM: Hardware related pitfalls and complications

Zero Bone Loss Recipe (Benelux Edition)

Dr Jean-Baptiste VERDINO

  • Graduate of the Faculty of Dentistry of Marseille
  • C.E.S in Biomaterials and Fixed Prostheses
  • DEA in Surgical Sciences
  • Teaching at the New York University School of Dentistry  

Pre-surgical, surgical and prosthetic aspects of immediate loading for full arch restauration

Surgical and technical aspects of the full arch restauration, all on 4, all on 6

„ExoSafe” a new device to perform non traumatic extraction Bridge rescue procedure: how to transform a failure in complication

Improvement that the AXIOM PX implant can give to you in your daily practice


  • Practices limited exercise in implantology, bone reconstruction, surgery of the soft tissues
  • Training in Advanced Implant Surgery at Carl Misch Institute, Pittsburgh, USA
  • University Diploma of Oral Implantology Fundamental and Practical Lille II
  • University Diploma of bone tissue and biomaterials of the Faculty of Medicine of Angers
  • University diploma of evaluation of the corporal damage applied to Odontology.

Full arch restaurations with immediate loading: Principles of the multiple screw retained prothesis

Full arch restaurations with immediate loading: Step by step fro the surgical approach & temp

Full arch restaurations with immediate loading: Step by step fro the prosthetic approach

Aneszteziológia / Endodoncia / Gyermekfogászat /Praxismanagement

Dr Andrew PRYNNE

General Practice,

Dental Hi Tec Academy trainer

Dr Stéphane DIAZ

Endodontic specialist & implantologist,

Dental Hi Tec Academy trainer

Dr. Antonio Pedro Silva

Pediatric Dentist Specialist

Founder of Pediatric Dentistry Forum

Dental Hi Tec Academy trainer

Intraosseous Anesthesia – The game Changer

Intraosseous Anesthesia in General Practice – An accessible revolution?

Intraosseous anesthesia – Unseen opportunities in Endodontics

Intraosseous anesthesia – The Game Changer in Pediatric Dentistry

Intraosseous anesthesia – A powerful Marketing Management tool for your Practice