Dr. Pierre BRUET

„… The case of Mr. V. demonstrated the capacity of Axiom X3® to achieve good stability in bone tissue without damaging it, both in dense and softer bone densities like D1 and D3 …”

Dr. Damien Carrotte

„…The use of the new Axiom X3® implants, thanks to the
adaptability of the protocol, saves time and increases the
predictability of the treatment due to the reduction in
the number of drills (up to 2 in low-density bone) …”

Dr Jean-Baptiste VERDINO

„…The new design of the Axiom X3® implant presents several
surgical advantages, such as:
• Simplified drilling procedure
• Easy-to-reach initial stability in post-extraction situation
• Bone preservation due to minimalized drilling procedure …”

Dr. Philippe COLIN

„… protocol was adapted to D2-D3 bone, with the final drill being unnecessary. Indeed, the implant’s design reduces insertion torque in the bone and favors primary stability …”