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Élőműtét 2021. 06. 08. 08:45


The topic is the Guided Bone Regeneration.

The case concerns a young Female 43 years old who is missing both lateral incision at the maxillary.

The bone volume is inadequate in width, but also in angulation.

The GBR will allow us to augment the bone volume and also to avoid a « tilted position » of the impacts regarding the prosthetic.

On the right side, we’ll try to put the implant alongside the regeneration. 

On the left side, it won’t be possible and we’ll past do the GBR.

The implant placement will use the navigation with guided surgery (  initial drill guided surgery)

Dr Claude Authelain

  • 1987: Diploma of Doctor in Dental Surgery from the Faculty of Dental Surgery of Strasbourg
  • 1987: Certificate of Postgraduate Studies in Periodontology of the Faculty of Dental Surgery in Strasbourg
  • 1990: Installation as a liberal practitioner in Strasbourg city center
  • 1994: Training in Advanced Implant Surgery with Professor Wayne C. JARVIS, Teacher at Carl Misch Institute, Pittsburgh, USA
  • 1996: University Diploma of Oral Implantology Fundamental and Practical of the Faculty of Medicine of Lille II
  • 1999: University Diploma of bone tissue and biomaterials of the Faculty of Medicine of Angers
  • 2001: University Diploma in Forensic Odontology, Expertise, Injury, Oral Identification of the University of Montpellier 
  • 2002: University diploma of evaluation of the corporal damage applied to Odontology of the University of Montpellier 
  • 2004 & 2012: Training in bone surgery at the Clinic of Professor Fouad KHOURY in Olsberg, Germany
  • 2007: Training in bone surgery with Professor Lundgreen at the Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery of UMEA, Sweden
  • Coaching in its training center in Strasbourg